Login Page

To access the TPOT system, please launch the web browser and key in the url http://www.yibowang.com/login.aspx as the browser Address. Press the keyboard “enter” key to navigate to the login page. The login page is shown in diagram:

【Login】: Key in the correct UserID, Password and click the Login button to access TPOT system.

【Remember me】:Select this checkbox to enable the system to remember the userid and password of the user. This allows the user to click the login button without keying in the UserID and password to login to the system.

【Choose your language】:Currently only English and Simplified Chinese is supported for display of the user interface web page.

【Sign up】:Allows a new user registration. After registration, activation by the new user account is required.

【Forget Password】:Allows retrieval of user’s password.